My first ever edited video with still images looked like this…

I learned about  multimedia during the online  journalism  professional course at CENJOR (Centro de Jornalistas). This course  gave me the basic tools to work with image,capturing  video images and edit them, and also capturing and editing sound. These skills were essential in my work as a researcher. I have used it to record experiments, animal behaviour, and aquaculture industry practices.   But my first video was about frisbee and it was all made with still images no video capturing. I started playing ultimate in November, 2009. I thought this could be a good story because  most Portuguese have never played it or seen a game.  The video captions and the introduction below are in Portuguese.

Frisbee: o brinquedo que virou desporto

No início dos anos cinquenta, o disco voador foi comercializado como um brinquedo. Mas para por o disco a girar, foi necessária uma estratégia de marketing que transformou o frisbee em desporto. Hoje em dia existem muitas modalidades.


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