The first conference I attended was in 2007, in Prince Edward Island. I had just started my PhD studying the live transport of lobsters and crabs. I submitted two Abstracts and I ended giving two talks. It was a great learning experience. Ever since then I try to attend at least a conference a year. Last week I attended for the first time a Learning and Teaching Conference #SUSALT17. It was my first presentation in this environment. I learned a lot from inspiring colleagues. Quite the opposite of this blogs feature image.

But last week was special. I was also involved for the first time in organising a conference – The 7th UK Algae Conference; I was a chair for the first time; I invited inspiring colleagues who I love to be keynote speakers, and I saw a team come to live – the AlgaeWales team. It was magical. I used Storify – a tool that I learnt about during the #SUSALT17 – to create our conference  timeline. to check the story of our conference click the links below:

To view more presentation from past events please check my Slideshare account


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