I am a marine biologist graduated from the Algarve University. When I finished my degree in 2004 I was awarded a merit scholarship for my outstanding accomplishments. Well… not that outstanding, but it was good, and with the money, I bought my first real mountain bike and travelled to London, not by bike though.  In July 2010 I completed a PhD degree in Animal Science by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar at the University of Porto, Portugal.  My thesis was entitled Nutritional quality and physiological responses to transport and storage of live crustaceans traded in Portugal. In it, I explored the consequences of transporting live crustaceans for human consumption. I have some training material on best practices to transport live crustaceans if you want to learn more about this check my slideshare account here.

During my PhD I did a web journalism short course and a science communication workshop in collaboration with the BBC. I have been blogging since 2010. You can find a list of my blogs here

Since 2007, I have worked in 5 European projects in collaboration with SMEs, governmental labs and public Universities.  I have a total of 20 papers, 2 book chapters several EU reports and newsletter.  My h-index is 13. But I am cheating a bit because this is according to Google scholar, which usually overestimates it.  So if you are really into metrics check my ResearcherID. I have a solid background in science communication to students and wider public audiences, using different media.

In 2012 started a 3-year post-Doc fellowship funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation, FCT, and I developed work in seaweed cultivation at the Coastal Biodiversity Lad, CIIMAR, Porto in collaboration with Swansea University and Universidad de Los Lagos in Chile.

I was a Post Doc Research Assistant working for different European and RCUK funded projects at Swansea University and I am now lecturing at Swansea University in the Biosciences Department.

I’m passionate about

People and the invisible connections. Travelling to see the connections. Communicate to reach people. Cycling to break barriers. Photography to show connections. Science to make sense.

Talk to me about

As you have probably guessed by now I am interested in sustainable aquatic food systems and the importance of science communication as a driver to change consumer attitudes and policy decisions, starting in University classrooms but also through multimedia, and bigger events (Conference, seminar, workshops).  If you are really interested, my CV can be found on LinkedIn webpage.


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